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FIT Virtual Private Junior or Adult by Tour Coach (English or French)
13 December
01:00AM - 01:55AM
1 slots left
ALL AGES & FITNESS LEVEL Virtual Session For Any Classes Offered At OzFit. Available For 1 Participant Per Class. Language: English & French Time: Malaysian Standard Time (GMT +8). ANYTIME With Our Online Booking Schedule. EVERYWHERE At Your Work, Home, Garage, Park, Gym Or Tournament. ANYWHERE Across The Globe, We Can Support You. How does Oz Fit virtual work? 1. Register with us & establish your Oz Team Virtual account, then purchase package session credits. 2. Require client to sign-up to own Zoom account. 3. Then via your Oz Team Virtual account, go to our schedule page & reserve class. You will be able to view booking in your account menu reservation feature with a virtual class Zoom link. 4. From your smart phone (android or iPhone) or other device, setup so we can see you & click the Zoom link to start class. Note, for productivity use wireless earbuds (headphones) to hear & communicate with us while we analyse your game. 5. You may conduct class either in a gym/ at home/ or park. 6. Oz Fit coach will be analysing & correcting your form, throughout the virtual class.